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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 16, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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horrible adversity she is getting back up on the horse. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night from washington, tonight on "red eye." president obama said something i agree with. i am finally a rhino. and hillary clinton is showing photos to seem relatable. nothing says young and hip than old photos. and marco rubio tosses around the pigskin. i hope no children were harmed. our panel provides chicken soup for the insomniac soul. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i am kelly wright. flash flooding killing 16 people in utah. the bodies of four hikers found on tuesday in zion national park and three others
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missing. flooding a day earlier swept away two vehicles near the utah-arizona border killing 12 people in the town of hildale. a letter of apology from the suspected it gunman who shot his girlfriend and a delta state professor in mississippi. police say they found a note from shannon lamb at the home he shared with his girlfriend saying "i am so sorry. i wish i could take it back." lamb still went on to kill the professor and then later turned the gun on himself. gop front runner donald trump with an address on the uss iowa. they called for a military so strong no enemy would challenge the u.s. he took a swipe at illegal immigrants as he called for subsidized private health care for veterans who were waiting a longtime for treatment. >> right now, and you know it. we have illegal immigrants that are treated better by far than our veterans. that's not gonna happen
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anymore. >> dozens of protesters gathered near the battleship chanting against his policy and some even calling him a racist. the first wave of syrian refugees are arriving in the u.s. the catholic social services in scran ton, pennsylvania has welcomed three families. the obama administration increased the number of syrians allowed to enter the u.s. yearly to intoerly 10,000 -- to nearly 10,000 to help the situation. and hewlett-packard is cutting as many as 30,000 jobs. that's part of a plan to reduce spending by $2 billion. i'm kelly wright. that's a look at news this hour and now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye. hello. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey. >> big day for you, tom. >> why is that?
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>> it is national felt hat day. >> oh that's great! i love a good felt hat. what can go wrong with a felt hat? >> i'm sure the workers in 18th and 19th century england wouldn't agree with that. you probably don't know, but the felt was made from mercury which over time poisoned the hat makers giving them dementia which is how we get the expression mad as a hatter. and they were giving workers bad tremors. and i guess you don't care as long as you have your dumb felt hats. >> i am aware of the history. >> as always, ignorance is bliss. must be nice. >> let's welcome our guests. she has the same name as a guy i met once at a barn raising. fox news contributor jedediah bila. danger. he is so dry he could cause a
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forest fire. she was born in the soviet union and works a a is a democratic party strategist. if she is a spy she is hiding in the open. fox news contri and he is a comedian cabdriver. we will bump him for an uber driver. exceed yen jimmy fa -- comedian jimmy fala. let's start the show. >> president obama thinks college students are coddled brats who should choke on their iphones. those were his exact words. during a town hall meeting on college affordability in iowa the president addressed the >> i heard some college campuses where they don't want to have a guest speaker who is too conservative.
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book if it has language offensive to african-americans or somehow sends a demeaning signal toward women. i don't agree when you become students at colleges have to be coddled and protected from different points of view. >> comments like that is why he as always been a conservative darling. earlier this year jerry seinfield said he stopped performing because students were too pc. and others like conservative chris rock and colin quinn echoed his sentiment as well. but sara silverman suggested the comedians change with the times for the pc college kids. >> you can't just decide on your materials based on not offending anyone. but i do think it is important as a comedian and as a human to change with the times.
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>> silverman cited her use of the word "gay." >> i caught myself a few years ago fighting gay. i say gay like
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. >> sherrod. wait a minute.
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i remember. where is he? >> have i to give him applause, man. >> where is he? >> are you in the audience and you put your head in your hands and you are a little embarrassed. that's good comedy. comedy is supposed to offend in someways. she needs to get over that, man. that's stupid. >> eric, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you are particularly in college. practice particularly -- practically in college. >> thank you very much. >> i'm glad you dressed up for it. >> you look sharp too. >> what do you think of the issue? care vaw -- sara silverman is very pc. >> she is pc with the diarrhea jokes, that's true. i think she has a valid point about staying relevant. when it comes to someone who is popular like don rickles who will go up there and start telling jokes and then he says
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something and kids have no idea what the word [bleep] means or something like that. >> my kids do. >> are you one of the good ones then. >> it is true. if they don't know what these words mean, they need to be educated, right? they are afraid of reading huckleberry finn. >> they are. >> that's ridiculous. >> and then the teachers are afraid. the teacher gives a book out and gives it to the class and the kids complain to the parents. and then you have parents in the classroom and it is getting watered down. you will not be able to make jokes and kids will not be able to read anything. we will be a nation of babies and dummies and we are not going to be able to read history books because it was ugly. it was dirty. war was ugly. you have to learn about it. >> it is important that kids know things used to be worse. it is so they can measure progress. >> you are welcome for barack obama. i was waiting for you to thank
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me. >> you are probably a fan of sara silverman's comedy. do you have a problem with her now? she obviously hates the president. >> that's so gay so that is so 80s. who still uses the phrase? forget the fact that it expresses that, but move on. >> i say that's gay. that's something a gay person would do. that's pc, isn't it? >> or it is a gay time. like i'm gay and happy. >> right. >> how did they take that away from us, julie? >> if you are saying that is so gay is dated it is a gay old time. >> gay old time. remember "the flinstones"? >> i wish we could vol a gay old time. hillary's campaign is taking a new tone, sepia. they were posting old photos to social media to seem maury latable. seems more relatable. here is hillary in college and
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here she is horsing around with daughter chelsea. and here is one of her as first lady in the clinton administration. hillary's top ad man says the pictures of her early years are important in telling her story, where she came from and the moiments that shaped her life. but republicans disagree. one advisor saying her ads and the photos are making her more tired and more dusty. oh, dusty? >> says a guy who is like negative 20 in the polls. the advisors should work with jindal. >> do you think jindal is old and dust ay? >> no, i think his campaign advisor would be advised to make his campaign -- >> he hides go pros all over his house. >> can you imagine those kids? can you imagine the trauma those kids will face and what they will find on their mom and dad's go pro one day when they are not looking? >> do you think it will help
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her? it seems her ancient those old photos. >> i do think it is nice she kept something from her e-mail server. >> that's right. it is nice to see that happen. >> it says a lot about a campaign that you can't show anything current. people associate it with negative thoughts and words that she was driven to this by how poorly things are going. i don't buy into the narrative that presidential candidates need to be maury latable. more relatable. you wouldn't want a president that was one of us. we never had a broke guy who was pooping between cars before being sworn in. >> eric, what do you think? are you charmed by these old photos, or do they you to sleep? >> i think they arerounded by people who are dead now. i don't relate to that anymore. i really don't. i don't know why. you know, i think there is something to -- it does make
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her a little maury latable to me, especially in comparison to somebody like donald trump because i just want to see more current pictures because he seems more frazzelled. he is more like a scare crow, like a bloated scare crow. >> he doesn't even do throw back thursday, trump, does he? >> he should. >> you think he should? >> yeah. i like this stuff. i think this is good for the hell recampaign. i can't believe you poisoned me with this. what is in this water, tom? but it does. you are loving me now. >> this is the best we have gotten along. >> she has been at it since the 70s is what it reminds you. >> but it reminds you she is a human being. what she is lacking is humanity. i like that about politicians. i would like to see old photos of all of them. i want to see this is a real person with a real life and real struggles like the rest of us. what would be great is if she could take the pictures and
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then act like a person and talk about them. the problem is then she does these interviews and she is still a robot. >> you know what i can't relate to? chelsea had a pony. i never had a pony. >> howie leetist -- how elitist is that? i wanted a pony and never got one. >> a pony ride there is a guy holding the pony or the pony is strapped to that merry go round like the fair. that was her pony. >> the osha regulations are less stringent. >> do you think this photo of me as a child makes me more relatable? those were the good days. >> beautiful. handsome. is that before your transition? >> next story. marco rubio made a video where he tosses an old pigskin and then a less horrifying video where he tosses the football. >> in a new campaign ad he catches footballs and fields questions. he answers america's toughest
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inquiries. >> he thought i was lying. >> did you get that? >> favorite miami dolphins cheerleader? >> jennette rubio. >> most important preparation before a speech? >> make sure there is water nearby like right now. >> those eyes. that smile. if you think that's good, you have to see this video of george pataki catching a football. ♪ >> prove to me it is not george pataki. you can't. nobody knows what he looks like. >> i was going to say i can prove it because there was a crowd at the event.
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>> i think that is the hardest any media entity has gone after him. it is too good for too long. >> you know he is 10 feet tall and he can crush you. >> when is the last time you ran into pataki? >> in the green room. you are so in trouble. >> i will stay in the shadows. julie, is rubio a formidable candidate now that he put out this video? >> i was worried until i saw this, and then i found out his wife is a cheerleader for the miami dolphins and i am a little worried. >> it is fantastic. i thought he was great. >> that is absolutely the most scripted and impromptu video. that was more authentic video than any hillary clinton video. >> even if it was scripted he has a natural feel and a smile and made fun of drinking of the water bottle. >> he is 42 years old and he has a comb over my father would be ashamed of and he loves comb officers.
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>> i think it will give him a bump in the polls. but will it be 100%, or 95%? >> 110% right there. >> what do you think of eric? he has a nice contemporary hair style. >> did you notice eric's creepy qlown? creepy clown? >> what do you call that? do you say give me the mass shooter? >> boy band mass shooter. that's my look and that's my gig. >> he had a black trench coat in the green room. >> jedediah, i think this is a great thing for rubio. >> i will need to see it with him wearing athletic wear or a football uniform. >> he has the accent and he can speak in spanish. this is a cute dude. he is adorable here. i don't know why he hasn't resonated with the country. i think he is a great candidate. i want to see more of this very likable and maybe throw
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on some -- >> can we have a girl moment for a second? do you think he is cute? >> i do. i do have a thing for people who can speak spanish. it has been proven in my past. i think he is a you dorable. adorable fnlt. >> i know the guy he is a good looking guy. >> i think mitt romney is a good looking guy. >> i love mitt romney. he is my type too. jimmy? >> the fact he is a dolphin fan should disqualify him. >> we don't need a president willing to accept defeat for that long. the dolphins have not won a playoff game sense ace ventura. we don't need that in the oval office. >> it is weird that that is such an old reference, ace ventura. >> you know what that is from? when people said that's so gay. >> back to 10 minutes ago. >> you know what else? my interaction with marco rubio. what do foreigners think of america?
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i'm sure it is only happy talk.
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what does the world think of us? which website asked a bunch of foreigners for their thoughts on people from the u.s. i was curious even though we americans are sent to be incurious. i braced myself for the old anti-american stereo types and i clicked play. [speaking foreign language].
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>> i like the last one. see, they weren't all bad. let's look at the rest of the video. maybe they have people out there who have nice things to say about us. [speaking foreign language]. >> that's nice. >> i love that. >> what people around the world think of us. why is it? why is it there is this idea that people in europe and the rest of the world don't like
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america? >> because oftentimes they don't. i kept thinking of the trip i took and it was me and my mom and dad. my dad walked around with his great big american flag t-shirt and on the back it said we are better than you. and maybe that's why they don't like us. they feel like we throw our country in their face. i am patriotic, but i get why there is a mixed bag. >> it is your dad. jay basically everything that happens that is wrong in this world you can blame tony. >> there were firecrackers on the shirt. it was as uh sten tashes as you can -- uh sten -- austentacious. >> you gave away my cover. you gave away the intro. you blew it.
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right now you say 35 years and you you blew my cover. >> why do so many other people overseas hold our greatness against us? >> we opened up a mcdonalds on every corner and you are now able to get a big mac or whatever they qifl lebt of the quart -- the equivalent of the quarter pounder is. that's thanks to us. >> thanks to us? >> yes, thanks to us. >> they want french fries. >> they are getting obese thanks to our big macs. >> we didn't go over there and airlift a big mac. they said we want mcdonalds, please bring them to us. >> we were dropping white castle . it was a disaster. you can blame kennedy. >> when they kidnapped our daughters liam niesen has to go and get them back. >> and he is irish. he is not even american. >> irish-american. >> he is a sexy man.
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>> his character was american 100%. but we are awesome. that's the bottom line. >> triple underscore. we are awesome. >> and there was a mix of people. they thought we were okay. >> they think they are awesome too. >> you don't think so? you think they all have low self-esteem? >> i was in germany and france and they hate themselves. they think their lives suck. >> they just game more attractive to me. >> you count as a foreigner because you drive a cab. >> you always say people base their con though stations on a state or a town. the stereo typical -- like new jersey is all oil refineries and garbage dumbs. dumbs.
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i think it is based on traveling through disney world. if you have been to disney world -- it is just fat people on scooters eating turkey legs. they don't even have rides. you just dodge the fat people. are you there to improve your own self-worth. i think all of these people have gone to disney world. >> i went down to disney world. i had a great time. >> i love disney. pound for pound it is a great place. >> no pun intended. >> do you know why people are heavy? we are the land of plenty and we have something called freedom, isn't that right? >> that's true. but it is a mixed bag. i was expecting to hear negative things, but they had positive things to say. if you went through the streets of new york and you asked people what is your perception of peresians you would get positive and negative. people say the french are so rude. i have plenty of french friends who are not rude. >> i love french. i love french because they love our mcdonalds. >> who do we like? >> we like everybody. why do you think we are dropping bombs on our
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enemies? >> >> you have dated somebody from every country in the world. >> the one guy said he loves jersey shore which is not our proudest moment. >> i'm sure the british can't stand that i love benny hill. don't break your glasses. it is half time with andy levey. stick around.
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live from america's news headquarters. good morning. the stage is set for another political showdown. the top republican white house contenders will gather in simi valley, california for the second of three political debates. donald trump and dr. ben carson lead the polls, but analysts say the faceoff could turn things around. it will test foreign policy and trump and carson have shown weakness in that subject before. >> i wanted it to be controversial and entertaining. >> i hope that they get down to the nitty gritty issues. >> battling a wildfire north of san francisco is making progress. this morning the flames are now 30% down graded or
12:33 am
contained after raging unchecked for days. the toll so far has been costly. 600 homes destroyed and it is expected to rise. another 9,000 structures remained in the danger zone. and images this morning from southern california of two dramatic rescues by l.a. firefighters. heavy rain turned swollen flood channels into dangerous rapids. three people were swept away by the fast-moving water, but they all survived thanks to brave life-saving maneuvers by the firefighters. the record-breaking downpour cut power to thousands of homes. more rain is expected there today. will the federal reserve finally raise the benchmark interest rate? we could soon find out. policy makers begin a two-day meeting today and anxious investors are waiting to see what the fed might do. it has been nine years since the fed last raised the interest rate. right thousand it is at an all time record low of near zero. i'm kelly wright, now back to "red eye."
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>> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed. andy? >> tom. >> do you like my fake energy? >> i think -- i thought it was real. you faked me out. >> i am getting better at this. >> obama and sara silverman. you are trying to recover from the phak that you agree with president obama. but as a rhino don't you often disagree with him? obama? really? this is -- i just made history. >> not really. >> come on, man, the audience knows i did. they have my back. tom, you said of sherrod small, where is he? >> he is somewhere refusing to come on the show. >> i just want to -- you know,
12:35 am
i'm tired of getting tweets saying where is he? you said silverman had a valid point. she mistakes her point for the real point. the real point is not that she should use gay to mean lame because she shouldn't. if she wants to taylor her act, good for her. but that's not what they are talking about, is it? >> they are part of a different generation. >> they are talking about people not being able to make jokes that aren't -- i am not talking about dumb things like just saying, you know, that's gay and meaning that's lame, but for doing more complex jokes and college kids going,
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oh, i don't like that. >> i am not saying they were making racist jokes. >> i think we are on the same page. >> i think so. >> she cut her teeth? is that the right word? she cut her teeth with unpc humor. >> and that's the thing. i think she is mistaking one thing for another. i think she has a movie coming out and she is playing defense. >> that's probably cute too. >> that's a great point. >> hillary is using old photos to humanize her. >> you said this is like from a guy who is at negative numbers in the polls. you sound like trump. >> that is the best compliment ever. thank you. >> you got it. you said these are creepy photos of her surrounded by people who are dead now. >> quite possibly. >> it is probably correct. if they are the same age as she is, they are deceased.
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>> jedediah, you said these photos actually do remind you that hillary is a human being. >> i look at these photos and say here is one of hillary in college and trying to cover up sex crimes. here is one of hillary on her high school academic team and decades before she was secretary of state. >> so are you trying to win the conservative fans and i just lost by agreeing with hillary and obama and basically trying to show me up. >> everybody loves me. have i no haters. >> america's boyfriend. i got it. tom, you put up a picture showing you as an adorable youth. yet if one were to browse across the photos they would
12:38 am
come across a different story. can we put that up? >> that is not -- what is that? >> it was on your phone according to my source. >> i was drinking formula at the time. >> it may have been the mercury involved. >> what do you type to get the image search? >> i go to the photo app on your phone. >> easy. >> he is not letting it go. >> 6969 is a horrible pass word. marco rubio throws a football. >> it is called marco rubio catches football and i felt
12:39 am
like it should have said lauren ipsom. julie why do you have a problem with the fact that his wife is a former cheerleader? >> pure jealousy. there is no other reason. i would pull her hair and have a cat fight. >> the audience likes that. >> just saying. >> and you made a comment about rubio's heir. hair. i was taught we weren't supposed to make fun of hillary's look so that goes to all candidates ? you can make fun of anyone. high school? >> no. >> did you go to white house? >> at the white house correspondence dinner? >> strong? >> strong. she made a point about how people shouldn't talk about hillary's looks. >> i was a cool mean girl and i will continue to make fun of everybody to keep my street cred up.
12:40 am
mic drop. thank you. >> i respect it. the fact that he is a dolphins fan should disqualify him. trump is friends with tom brady. it doesn't get worse than that. i wish strum had the same -- i wish trump had the same video and catching flat footballs. not a fan. >> first of all i didn't pay attention to those who didn't have the common courtesey to speak american. >> sara sarah palin. >> and another is closely related to everything dealing with show business and entertainment. there.y i think there are a >> by the way, if americans were asked what they thought of people from other countries and we didn't say nice things, wouldn't that be problematic? we are always expected to be the nice ones. >> imagine the blogs on that. they would lose their mind.
12:41 am
we would have to say nice things. it is like when tourists come here we have to respect their culture. when we go to their country we have to respect their culture. >> that's what they taught us at the training camp. >> the honest answer of people who gave what they thought would be dumb. i'm done. it is time to take a break. matt damon loses black friends when we come back. first, to the kennedy compound. >> what is up, "red eye" freaks? i have your own tom shillue. we may not give him back. we'll see. we will see you on fox business network.
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he has been a good old-fashioned reliable progressive his whole career. but now matt damon is the -- on sunday night the fourth season of project green light series premiered on hbo. the reality show produced by damon and ben affleck gives one first time film maker a chance to direct a feature film. the gunnelling panel is -- the judging panel is all white people except for the producer.
12:46 am
when brown suggested perhaps a director from a diverse background would be better at portraying the only black character he had to white splain why it was not true. gee i want to urnal people -- >> want to urming people -- urge people to think about how they will treat the character, harmony. her being a black prostitute. >> we brought up to each other -- >> not necessarily true. >> on the surface they look like one thing, but they may end up giving us something that we don't want. we are talking about diversity and you do it in the casting of the film and not in the casting of the show. >> wow. okay. >> thankfully nobody on the internet cared about this except for one million of them. one twitter user said matt damon speaking over the only black person in the room so he can explain diversity is so white it hurts. and they say matt damon thinks
12:47 am
it amounts to hiring people of color to be in the movies and not allowing them any power to make the movies themselves. that's it. jedediah, are you glad matt damon is up against it in a tough way? >> he is so unlikeable. he is a great actor, but he is such an unlikeable guy. what he said to me made absolutely no sense and it had nothing to do -- if that was a black guy that said that i would say what are you talking about? are you trying to say the people behind the scenes, the directors and the producers don't shape the content of what is produced and you can't generate diversity that way? you can only generate diversity through your cast? >> you think that's what he is saying? >> if that's not what he is saying he is a worse communicator than i thought. >> eric, how do you like them apples? that's the second time i used that phrase legitimately in two days. >> i don't understand compared
12:48 am
with casting the movie versus casting the show. is he making a reference to the show he is on right now? >> she said why don't you get a director of color. he said no, no. white director and black actor. >> that doesn't exactly fly. >> i was paraphrasing and putting words in his mouth. >> i accept what you said as what he said. >> it is coming back to haunt him. he is a pc guy. >> is he? >> jedediah is competing for my liberal chair. i have to tell you i agree with him. >> what do we need affirmative action? >> what is happen willing -- happening on this panel? >> it is bizarro world. i will ask one last time. >> jedediah is making a play for my liberal chair. >> i don't understand why jedediah has a problem with
12:49 am
matt damon. i want to know why you agree with matt damon. >> affirmative action is not for movie casting. everything in life has to be racially balanced? it is matt damon's movie. if he thinks a white director will do the job, they either do a crappy job and it fails or they do a good job and it succeeds. yes, boom. >> she is advocating people -- she is going to get kicked out. >> everybody on twitter needs to relax. he represented his views on how he thought the film could be made. they are acting like we caught him at a clan rally. he had an opinion on how to make the film. if you go through the story the director in question that effie brown is advocating for is too asian-american. they are not pushing for a black director. they are pushing for two a sheen americans to -- two asian americans to direct the film. he said it wouldn't bring
12:50 am
diversity to the project because nobody watching it knows what color the director is. >> but the implications to me -- >> oh diversity is only for the visual angle. >> if he thinks the best film could be made -- >> but the i'm plaw cation to dash sh ad implication is you can get diversity through racial components in the cast and not through people behind the scenes. i could be wrong. >> you could be wrong. we will close things out with a bedtime story. i had to go. >> it is all good. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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because of special fnc coverage of the gop debate. we are back on thursday with tammy bruce and john devore and rob c. >> back in the old days, you found yourself a good woman and then you went to prison for terrorism. it was not the other way around. well, mohamed algani was detained at guantanamo bay and accused of being a close associate of osama bin laden. he has a dating profile on he is seen in this profile pic and has been on the dating site since 2012. his location is set to guantanamo bay and
12:55 am
his tag line reads, detained, but ready to mingle. according to his lawyer he gets matches every day. but with no trial date and no release date set yet, he may be waiting a longtime for that hookup. jedediah, would you date a guy with a beard? >> a beard or a potential terrorist? >> i am thinking the beard may be more of an obstacle for you, am i right? >> that's rough. i won't lie. maybe cleaned it up marco rubio style. but you know what? women will love this. you know those women who like chase down the serial killers they love the danger element. i find myself at home and this guy is getting hit on a website. people love the danger. >> you know what is great about him? he has the cheesy dating profile picture down. he has it down. >> women complain they want a guy with a sense of humor, this is a dream guy.
12:56 am
he looks hilarious. >> is he looking for a match or a woman to commit terrorism for him. >> i think he is looking for what everybody in life is looking for. >> why are you so cynical and don't believe in love, tom shillue? >> should women be able to -- be allowed to communicate with this guy? i don't think he should be allowed to surf websites. >> he seems safe and nice. i think women should and he is playing the old numbers game. he is playing the field. i saw that he passed on tinder in comparison to >> tinder is you get women really near you. you can get them all the way around. >> there are a bunch of cubans he can get. >> that's true. >> and they speak spanish. >> this is going to be a
12:57 am
ron-com. >> katherine heigl is in "the water board." >> special thanks to jedediah bila. that does it for me, tom shillue. see you next time.
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joseph. he also said he did it for his own kids because he wanted his own kids how great we have it. >> america. >> nice one, juan. special report is up. this is a fox news alert. welcome to walk. i'm bret baier. republicans tonight are making a last-minute push to keep fighting against the president's iran nuclear deal. as you look at the senate majority leader smi mitch mcconn the floor right now. >> republicans on capitol hill call this iran nuclear deal one of the biggest foreign policy changes in a generation. so the next step in this fight will be an amendment to be announced by the senate majority leader. mitch mcconnell will say he will file an amendment that will prevent the president from lifting sanctions until iran meets two different


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